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Quickening the Quiet

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him.

Psalm 37:7a ESV

Our society and daily lives are filled with a sense of urgency. There is always something to be done; an emergency or situation at hand to deal with. You know, the next thing that begs for our attention. We have subconsciously adopted this idea that we must be constantly going and doing. That way of living has led us to feel somewhat anxious when there is a period of stillness, silence, and waiting. This anxious feeling can cause us to pursue activity for the sake of busyness when the quiet stillness is precisely where Jesus wants He can meet with us.

While it feels so natural, this hectic way of living is contrary to what the Bible teaches and how we are called to live. The phrase ‘be still’ is used many times throughout the Bible in a myriad of different contexts. ‘Be still’ is the phrase used to silence the anxious heart, to instruct us on the battle at hand, and to remind us of Who ultimately has the power and control. We are commanded to be still so often because it is something we as a culture are not very apt to do.

We run around frantically expending our energy when God asks us to be still. We try to push ahead and make things happen on our own timeline when our Lord is prompting us to wait patiently for him. It's like we are out to prove ourselves when He has already proven Himself in us.

But, He sees us, and He knows our every need. He alone offers rest for our weary souls that are tired out - like our toddler in the backseat after watching brother's baseball game. However, we must choose stillness. He knows exactly what we need and plans to fulfill our every need, but we must choose patience while we trust in His timing.

When we feel the frantic atmosphere of the day looming, the to-do list growing, all that beckons for our attention growing louder by the moment, there is no better (or harder!) time than that to pause and come before the Lord in stillness. With the posture of open hands, we ask God what He would have for us. We wait patiently as He works and moves in our hearts and lives. That is where we experience connection and communion with Him, finding rest and peace for our souls. May we practice this posture and become so accustomed to needing stillness in our busy lives that stillness and patience become our default settings; not only what we do once everything else is done and quieted down.

Your fellow Able Mom,

Meredith Boggs

Lord, You instruct us to be still before You, to know You more. I confess that so much of the time, I busy myself with activities and a full schedule that contributes to the noise that drowns out Your voice. Help me to cultivate a practice of stillness and silence, seeking You and listening for You. Be near and meet me, Father. Thank You.

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