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Ways to Host Able Moms

Capable + Unshakeable + Memorable


Some of our Hosts like the convenience, flexibility, and comfort a homelike environment offers. For you, we offer all the same phenomenal Able Moms’ Host materials, yet exclude the Able Kids curriculum, a necessity only if  you offer childcare. The Basic plan is an affordable Host option, as it passes off the nominal Membership fee to participants.

Friendly Meeting


For churches or organizations, we provide you a turnkey moms’ ministry where any leader or layperson can start and maintain a local Community using our leader tools, prepared resources, minute-by-minute meeting agendas, as well as, Able Kids childcare curriculum. However, your Members still pay for their Membership, saving you as a Host extra expense.



If you are a Host who anticipates a large mom ministry, or prefer to save your Members extra expense, the Premier package includes all our turnkey moms’ ministry materials for Hosts and Members while also covering their Membership costs no matter how large the Community.

Don't want to wait for 2023 fall Kickoff?

Typically, our Communities follow an annual calendar, hosting from Fall to Spring. But.

Premier Host - $1500 annually

  • Unlimited Memberships included for all Members and Coordinators

  • Full access to quality detailed materials broken down by month for your Coordinator (mom leader) to start, plan, + promote your local Community

  • Step-by-step Coordinator guides for 15 gatherings from Fall >>> Spring 

  • 15 High-quality videos that replace the subjective burden to select on-site speakers 

  • Schedules + Calendars

  • Church support via an AMI Associate

  • Aids to equip volunteers to manage their community 

  • A private social platform 

  • Weekly live interviews

  • A professional promotional banner, posters, and invites alongside launch instructions 

  • Discounted Tickets to Mom Comm, our annual conference

Premier Host
Value Host

Value Host - $1000 annually

  •  ONE free Coordinator (mom leader) Membership

  • Access to all Premier Materials above, except:

  • Members, not Hosts, absorb individual Members' membership costs of $40 per person

  • AMI Members' individual membership includes:

    • The access required to attend your local Host Community's relational gatherings

    • An Able Moms gift

    • A life-giving weekly devotional 

    • Access to our annual Able Kids Mom Manual, an at-home tool to use with your kiddos

    • Access to our private social platform to connect with Able Moms everywhere 

    • A personal online communication portal where you can interact with your community 

    • Access to our extensive online resource centers filled with both vetted and Biblically trustworthy content

    • Invitation to our weekly live interviews; 'Unrehearsed'

    • A sizeable discount on our annual Companion Book

    • Discounted tickets to Mom Comm, our annual conference


Basic Host - $500 annually

  •  Access to all Premier Materials above, except:

  • Able Kids Coordinator Curriculum, necessary for organized childcare, not included

  • Members, not Hosts, absorb individual Members' membership costs 

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