Able Kids 

Part of being an Able Mom is raising Able Kids. 

We know motherhood must be incredibly intentional. In fact, Proverbs 31 reminds us that after we raise amazing adults, our grown children will point to our intentionality as making the difference. A heart for intentionality is what essentially fueled our mission’s “memorable” component. 


We believe children are the most influenced within the context of relationship and most impacted by what takes place in those relational moments. 


Able Moms gives you a proven road map. We not only provide you with creative ideas and activities from seasoned moms of thriving and faith-filled adult children through our MOMents portal just for members, but every Able Mom member will also receive an Able Kids Workbook and Able Kids Mom Manual as part of her materials. At every meeting, we briefly incorporate this super-easy-to-use kid’s discipleship series that is Biblically trustworthy, engaging, and designed for differing ages. Instead of plucking random stories and Biblical concepts, Able Kids curriculum for children through 6th grade, teaches exactly what you are already learning and understanding in your Able Moms Community meetings. Our favorite component is the life-long relationship you are building with your children, and on the foundation of God’s word, using the prompts and discussion questions we’ve developed. There is no other ministry design like the intentional partnership we have thoughtfully created for Able Moms and Able Kids.  


We hear testimonials from our moms that even in years of being a follower of Christ, Able Kids was a game changer for their walk. 


Able Kids workbooks are online and you can print as many as your family needs. However, this is a member only perk not to be used as a stand-alone curriculum in a church classroom setting for example. We also ask that it is not provided to non-members.