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Table Moms. Charity of Able Moms

Every mother should have a seat at the table.

Thus, we believe in fostering capable, unshakeable, and memorable motherhood outside of the four walls of the church. Compelled by the Great Commission, Table Moms exists to reach the lost, least, and lonely in prisons, halfway houses, transitional homes, and pregnancy centers. When mothers might not otherwise have the training or encouragement to raise Able Kids, we donate Able Moms. 

If you or someone you know needs all our mothering materials for free, please suggest their org below.

Be a part of the action.

We need your financial support to aid struggling moms at no cost to them. Your donation quite literally means a mom choosing life, choosing sobriety, choosing to stay clean, or staying home and away from trouble. Because, ultimately, we invite her to choose Jesus. Click below to donate a Table Moms Community.

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