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Amanda Florczykowski

Founder and CEO

After her own toddler was taken from her arms at her local grocery store in a thwarted sex trafficking abduction and her three sons survived drowning and an unlikely housefire all within a short window of time, Amanda penned bestseller Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears. Promoting there exists a correlation between family breakdown and a child's vulnerability to trafficking, Amanda's unique approach is to provide Biblical solutions that strengthen the family unit. Thus, she is the founder of Able Moms International, Vigilant Families online anti-trafficking training, and is former Board President of Legacy Academy - a Christian University-Model® School. As a degreed communicator, and once top-sales professional and corporate trainer for an industry leader, Amanda speaks on the topics of motherhood, leadership, and child trafficking from the unrivaled perspective of God's Word as her audience's lens (whether they know it or not). Amanda’s professional successes, pre-kiddos, undergird her ministry work where she also partners with business CEO and ministry-minded husband to consult with organizations who desire to prosper. And while accomplishments are part of any bio, Amanda wants you to know they don't rival her joys; a nightly sunset, answered prayers, a clean kitchen, a hot bath, board games, finding $10 in her pocket, a well-told story, a date night, and welcoming people into her home to eat and laugh. Amanda’s family of 7, along with their German Shepherd, live wholly for Jeus in snowy Colorado. 


Celeste Claborn

Devotional Coordinator 

Celeste Claborn is happily married to her husband, John, and they have three precious children: Addilyn (5), Gavin (3), and Jack (1). She is a writer, speaker, and has led multiple women's Bible studies. She enjoys travel, adventure, and fitness. She has known and loved Jesus many years and is passionate about knowing God's Word and allowing its truth to be living and active in her life. She longs to help others dig into deeper truth which brings deeper freedom. She believes freedom is not just a one-time occurrence where burdens are lifted, but it is a lifestyle. She and her husband work to help others live out this lifestyle. She is originally from Texas, but has spent time in Guatemala helping to serve before moving her family to Colorado. She also spends her time homeschooling and building online businesses. 


Nancy Middlebrooks

Devotional Editor 

Nancy Middlebrooks has experienced motherhood in almost every form imaginable; first, raising two children from a first marriage that ended in divorce. She raised her daughter and son as a single parent from the time they were in elementary school until they were both in college, where after 12 years of being single, she remarried and took on the role of a custodial step-mom to a daughter and a non-custodial step-mom to a son. Soon after she remarried, she became a “Mother-in-Law” within the year.  Soon life turned the corner for her to become a grandmother to nine and great-grandmother to three. All members at the age of accountability have professed the Lord as their Savior and serve Him in professions of ministry, education, law enforcement, military and parenting! Professionally, Nancy just retired from public education after 40+ years. Her special memories originate from the role of a school counselor who strived to share God’s love in an environment that prohibited His name. She loves the verse Philippians 2:9-11


Alice Casey

Community Coordinator Support

As a mother of (almost) four, a military wife, and a British girl living in America, Alice says the life she's lliving is not what she dreamed it would be, yet everything she asked God for. She met her husband at a Bible study in upstate New York. After three weeks, Alice returned to England where they were officially engaged just four weeks later! This started what she calls "the biggest leap of faith she'd ever taken". Or so she thought…until their first daughter was born just a few months after Alice's one-year anniversary.

Motherhood has grown her, shaped her, and continues to teach her daily about the unconditional love the Lord has for all of us; His never ending patience for us, His desire for connection, time, and even surrender. After discovering Able Moms, the Holy Spirit made it immediately clear to her MOPS leadership team, that they needed to make the switch, and she felt led to step up and lead that first year. Since then, she has worked in the trenches alongside great mamas whose hearts' desires are to grow closer to the Lord and from that outflow allow Jesus to impact their parenting. Alice now serves Able Moms Coordinators from the capcity of real-life eperience, humbleness, and with the passion to help moms find strong community as they go through the tough, but incredible years of raising little ones.

Able Moms Devotional Contributors

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Pastor Donna Shaw

Pastor Donna Shaw is originally from Pennsylvania. However, Donna spent most of her childhood in the South where she trained as a competitive gymnast winning the National Title in Ohio, in 1992 and the AAU Junior Olympics in Minnesota, shortly thereafter. While working on completion of her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from Liberty University, Donna worked in the surgical department at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas, going on to complete her M.A. in Ministry Practice from the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 2013. Donna has served in many capacities of Church work and faith development including serving as Senior Pastor of Cherokee United Methodist Church, Valley Spring United Methodist Church, and Grace United Methodist Church. Donna went on to form Weakday Ministries, where she serves as the Executive Director. She is a member of C12 Christian business integrating Christ into business. She also serves as COO of Shaw Pain Clinic since its founding in December 2019 where husband Kaleb works as a physician. Donna is married and has two children. She also loves caring for and rescuing animals. Her favorite scripture verse is Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine” because she has repeatedly witnessed God’s love and grace working, not only in her life but in others as well.”


Nicole married her husband, Ron in 2013 and worked ten years in the dental field. After a difficult pregnancy and birth of their first child, she immediately felt a new sense of purpose. Motherhood. She now has three beautiful boys and hopes to have more, both biological and foster after becoming licensed foster parents in 2020. Growing up in a broken home allows her to relate to those she fosters. Nicole has a sensitive heart and has a way of making people truly feel seen and heard. She is breaking generational strongholds and loves that she gets to be the Mom that she never had. Nicole enjoys reading and writing and her narrative style could be described as unfiltered, relatable, and witty. She feels that being able to share your vulnerability is how we let others see that we rely on the Lord for everyday strength and growth. She hopes to write her own book one day!

Nicole Gibson

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Courtnaye is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, licensed minister, Christian blogger, author, and women's conference speaker who has actively served in ministry for over 20 years. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana she now resides in the Texas Hill Country. I am also joyfully married and a mother to three beautiful, active children. She founded Inside Out with Courtnaye- a ministry designed for helping women grow stronger in faith from a biblical and practical perspective. She is also a devotional guest for YouVersion, and has spoken for She Speaks, Entrusted Women, and Flourish Writers Retreat. Her Inside Out Media Group, LLC, has worked with platforms such as PBS, CBN, & TCT Networks, as well as local television and print publications. 

Courtnaye Richard


Jayme Elizabeth is a writer and host of the She Speaks Life Podcast. Over the past ten years, Jayme has been actively involved in women's ministry leadership; she is a firm believer in linking arms with other women as God builds and transforms lives. Jayme was born and raised in Southern California and currently lives in Austin, Texas. She married her high school sweetheart and they have three children. She is now writing her first book about her life experiences and loves to create relationships through her podcast giving everyday women a voice to influence others. She loves all things that bring life joy including her must-have cups of coffee and gooey chocolate chip cookies!

Jayme Gradwell

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Nicole is a leading collaborator, storyteller, creative marketer, and strategist. As a professional voice actor and the Founder and CEO of Moxie Vox, an authentic content provider, Nicole passionately strives to help those in business and art convey a powerful, personal message through finding their voice. She prides herself in the role of Chief Encouragement Officer both in business and family. She is currently a broadcast journalist and online talk show host.  Her on-camera prowess also extends beyond hosting into the Chicago indie film industry and the community stage. Nicole's three boys help her run a small but mighty ministry, Clovered In Prayer, where they hunt for four-leaf clovers while moving through prayer requests then mailing hundreds of clovers and love notes to recipients each year.

Nicole Astra

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