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Reason to Celebrate

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

“Sing and celebrate! Sing some more, and celebrate some more! Sing your highest song of praise to our King!” Psalm 47:6

I read this beautiful verse this morning, where David says to sing and celebrate, and to sing “some more” and celebrate “some more.” It’s a simple verse that can easily make people smile. But if you look a little deeper, it might just change the whole course of your day, or even your life. This concept is so important, for if we think that celebration has to be only a one time event, then we will quickly lose sight of how great that thing or occurrence actually is. We move on, forget, no longer pause, looking for some future prospect to get excited about. It’s great to anticipate reasons to celebrate, but if we lose our ability to cherish something that already happened, then maybe we stopped celebrating something else a little too early. Continuing to sing and celebrate allows us to continue to be aware, grateful for, and affected by that which we were celebrating. What Jesus has done for us and the relationship we have with Him should give us reason to celebrate always. Even if there is nothing circumstantially that seems exciting, each breath we take is a gift given by the Holy Spirit who breathed life into us when we didn’t deserve it. The only thing we deserve is death, so breath itself is mercy bestowed and should provide all the more reason to celebrate the life we have.

The enemy makes us think we should limit our level of celebration so that we don’t risk disappointment. Sometimes our greatest moments of depression occur right after a celebration, for we are convinced it is all over and that it might not have meant as much as we thought it did. Some things do come and go, but Christ and His work in our lives gives eternal meaning to each moment and can be eternally celebrated. And the joy we find in our celebration of Christ, can give us even greater joy in celebrating other things without being so dependent on them that we’re sad or broken when they’re over. It’s ok to get our hopes up for future events, but when our hope is in Christ first, and when we choose to continually celebrate “Him,” then He amazingly keeps giving us new excitement and reason to do so, for He is that big. There is more and more to God that we can celebrate as we continue to grow, but also the things of God we already know and have received are worth celebrating for a lifetime and beyond. He is limitless, and our celebration of Him should be as well. He will show you how to fully celebrate, and He will give you the unending motivation to keep at it. And in turn, your rejoicing will become contagious and spread like a wild fire.

Your fellow Able Mom,

Celeste Claborn

Lord, help me to keep on celebrating so that I might continue to be changed by You as I rejoice in you again and again. May I never stop, for You haven’t stopped rejoicing over me. What areas in your life have you stopped celebrating and therefore lost your gratitude for? If celebrating is recognizing the importance or greatness of something, tell God about your happiness in the very best way. Connect with Celeste: IG: celesteclaborn23 FB: Celeste Claborn Email: Don't miss our version of moms-night-out every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. CST - laugh with your Able Moms team live on Facebook (Not an Able Mom Member yet?) Join us! Start here Follow Able Moms on IG at

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