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He Bends Down to Listen

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! Psalm 116:2 NLT

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with a friend or family member, maybe your sister, mom or husband, and felt really and truly heard? You felt like they were able to grasp what your heart was saying even without you having to say the exact right words?

Leaving a conversation with my mom recently, that’s exactly how I felt. It could have been our new shared bond of motherhood with my first born son entering the world. I left the conversation feeling so seen, heard and known. It made me grateful for the time we had spent together and eager for the next time we would get to connect.

The next morning, as I set my mug of piping hot coffee on the table and opened my Bible and journal, I was convicted of the fact that oftentimes, I don’t come to my time of prayer with God with the same eagerness and anticipation that I do with other relationships in my life.

Sometimes, I walk away from my time in the word and prayer and just don’t have that same tangible feeling of being heard. Just because my conversations with God don’t feel as tangible or as accessible doesn't mean that He hasn’t heard me.

A faithful friend with constant compassion, He’s always available to listen.

He bends down to listen; He inclines His ear to us. He’s always there, always listening, and He gets it. He sees us and knows us, even the parts of our souls, the desires and feelings, that we can’t quite describe with words. Sometimes being with God is like road tripping with a friend; you aren’t constantly in conversation, but you’re spending time together. He's right next to you, attentive and ready to listen.

When our earthly relationships may not be available in the moments we’re seeking support and help, or in the times where they let us down or disappoint us, we are guaranteed that God is always there. He is bending down toward us, waiting and ready to listen. As long as we have breath, may we lift up our praise and petition, praying constantly to the One who bends down to listen to our heart’s cry.

Your Fellow Able Mom,

Meredith Boggs

Father, even when You feel distant or less accessible than my earthly relationships, may I be quick to come to you. Thank you for always listening, for loving and caring deeply for me. Amen

Is there a person in your life (friend, family member, spouse) that you turn to initially, picking up the phone or texting, before you turn to God in prayer?

What prevents you from turning to God in prayer first? Is it because these other relationships feel more tangible and accessible?

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