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What if We Couldn’t Connect?

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Acts 2:42

When I woke up last week as one of millions with no cell service, several thoughts ran through my mind.

How long will this last and what impact will no communication have on our family life?

Will my teens make their commitments today if they can’t reach me after school?

Will my elderly parents, traveling states away, worry if they can’t reach me?

My thoughts harkened back to residual memories of 2020 when communication, communing, and community all felt disjointed at best and miserable at worst. How tragic it would be to step back into the frustrations of not being able to gather, encourage, or meet readily. Everyone faced struggles during that season of disconnection with research showing mental health plummeting.

While my personal pendulum swings far to the “intimacy” side, even the most satisfied introvert was built for community and communion. I know this because Scripture says we were created in the image of a most relational, familial, and loving Father. None of us were created for complete solitude and even secular data would deduce that physical survival and emotional thriving is dependent on the “villages” we create, live, and invest in. Sometimes, like our Covid data shows, we don’t realize just how crucial companionship is until it’s gone; or worse, we suffer, unable to put our finger on our God-ordained need for unity.

Never had God painted such a vivid picture of Acts 2:42, how the body of Christ was designed to exist, than a providential meet-up I found myself in two days ago. 

“You’re Amanda, right? You run Able Moms?”

“Yes, hi. You must be Jaclyn. I got your emails. Oh, and have you met Haven?”

The three of us, different ages, different skin colors, different backgrounds, met for the first time, and yet, despite our differences, our commonality was navigating family life as Believing mothers in today’s culture, desiring to do it arm-in-arm with Jesus. 

That commonality broke down walls, opened doors, and even allowed some tears to flow. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the website. We offer so much for dads and men, but I desperately need something as a mom of faith.” 

“My husband is really struggling in the wake of financial strain and I need support so badly right now - or I can’t be a support to him.”

The other mom agreed. 

I just listened as we had “church”. I heard them preach of the value mom community brings and the important part our Able Moms ministry is for today’s culture.  I heard from their invisible pulpit how they desired the sharpening, love, and friendship other able moms provide “because motherhood is hard right now”. Their tenderness, the tenderness we mothers house, hold, and cradle was unraveling to me. They were describing their need for God’s design.

The proven blueprint for growing in our faith and growing the body of Christ is meeting together, around a devotion to God’s teachings, breaking bread together, and praying together. Acts says, under this blueprint, thousands were added daily to God’s fold. How tender. And, yet bold. What a beautiful blueprint.

Of course, as founder and CEO of Able Moms, I am burdened and impassioned for the modern mother. But, when any of us is struck face-to-face with the aweing need for and design of mom community, communication, and connection, our ministry stands tall as purposeful. Our entire team is so grateful to serve you - we are beyond grateful to co-labor with Christ in seeing this “church” develop around our sincere devotion to our faith. Our commitment to you is fostering your ability, because it enables you to raise the most able of kids. 

Join us. Break bread with us. Devote yourselves to Christ with us. Pray and fellowship with Able Moms.

Have you felt disconnected, hopeless, or in need of community lately?

Three main points 

  • Community is essential 

  • Moms need community now more than ever

  • God’s design of us means we are built for community

Your fellow Able Mom,


Thank you, God, for caring for mothers tenderly. Thank you for showing us the value, by your design and personhood, of coming together in community for your name’s sake. I pray we add to our numbers - that you would touch, encourage, and save mothers all over the world through the passionate mission of Able Moms International. 

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