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Mom's Life and Death

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12.

Doris Jean Campbell, my mom. Just those words bring a swell of emotion, overwhelming me with memories. My mom was born on January 26,1941 in Kopperl, Texas and died October 4, 2011 in Temple,Texas.

My mom left snapshots of love everywhere she went, along with lingering hugs well after she had left. She was kind and gentle and thoughtful and the most generous of everyone I knew. She always had enough love to share with anyone and everyone in need.

My mom grew sweeter with every day that passed. She intentionally emptied herself in serving her family. She was continually aware of needs and favorite things and took great joy in giving.

My mom was strong even though in life she was petite and only 5' tall. My tiny mom was a towering strength of humility.

My mom was always poised and seldom "let loose". The funniest things made her laugh which always made me laugh. Her eyes all but disappeared into slits while laughing.She lived a wonderfully simple life, peppered with countless experiences of fear AND faith.

My mom was a teacher. The best lessons I learned from my mom were taught by example and understood through experience. She understood some things were best not passed along to her children...her fears.

My mom had determined that I would not carry in me the fears that formed her limitations. Instead, she would SHOW me how to live a fearless life. The first time I remember seeing my mom overcome her fear was when she determined to learn how to swim as an adult...she wanted me to dive deeply and swim without limitations and that I did. I actually became a swim coach!

My mom saw a future when others could only see the end. She lived fearlessly while fighting cancer. She overcame fear through faith. She drew near to the LORD and His promises and never wavered during those hard, sick years. The last memory of seeing my mom overcome fear was at her death. I leaned over her bed to tell her I was with her and I loved her. Our eyes met and locked. Words would have interfered with what was shared. There was sadness in leaving her family, but there was no fear. She knew. She rested. She trusted that this day her faith would become sight.

My mom taught by example how to live and how to die fearlessly!

My mom knew she must conquer her fears to ensure I would overcome mine and LIVE FEARLESSLY!

My mom was an ordinary mom who loved extraordinarily! You may feel like an ordinary mom but there is nothing ordinary about the love of a mom. The next generation of sons and daughters need moms to be determined to pass down fearlessness. Let’s raise a fearless generation.

My mom, I hope to become!

LORD our lives are a gift. Teach us to number our days to get a heart of wisdom. Thank you for SHOWING us a fearless life.

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