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How We Represent God

“Once we carried the likeness of the man of dust, but now let us carry the likeness of the Man of heaven.” 1 Corinthians 15:49 TPT

The way that we see our God is exactly how we will represent Him to the world around us. The Lord laid this truth on my heart in a big way yesterday, and I felt I must write about it.

I have been reading in 1 Samuel about David, and going through the chapters in Psalms that correlate with each story in 1 Samuel. It has been wonderful to hear what David would write to or about God in the Psalms as he was going through something specific that was recorded in the Samuels. This week I read mainly about him being constantly on the run from Saul, who was trying to take his life. Saul was jealous because he knew the kingdom as well as God’s presence had been stripped from him and was now with David. He wanted David dead, even though he had done nothing wrong. David’s cries to God, during his turmoil, clearly painted God as his “refuge” in times of trouble, his strength to endure, and his defender in weakness.

After reading this in the Psalms, and then going back to 1 Samuel, I read that while David was at a certain hiding place, all of the distressed, discontent, or those in debt came to him and settled under his leadership. David himself became a refuge for many, because he viewed God as his ultimate hiding place. Then later on, he became king of Israel and became a refuge, in a sense, for the whole nation. And even in his childhood, he was a refuge for the flock of sheep that he cared for. I just find it so interesting to see how, all through his life, David sought God as his refuge, and in turn represented that very attribute to those around him.

However, there are definitely some negative ways this truth can be lived out. If we see God as a dictator or slave driver, we will begin to justify doing the same thing to those around us. We will have no mercy because we refuse to see the merciful side of God. If we see God just as our buddy, we too will treat people accordingly, and refuse to show people the respect, submission and intentional love that should be had in a deep relationship. These are just a few examples, but they give enough evidence to show just how important it is that we see God the right way, and in all of His fullness.

Your fellow Able Mom,


Lord help me to see You for who You really are. Help me to see and live out Your wisdom, Your truth, Your mercy, Your justice, Your patience, Your gentleness, Your genuineness, Your power, etc. I want my view of you to be the catalyst for fully reflecting Christ in me. 

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