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Am I "Sowing" or "Showing"?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

“Still other see fell on good soil, where it produced a crop- a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” Matthew 13:8

I’ve been a blogger for years now, and I love to write about the things I’m learning in my walk with the Lord. Whether it’s a new revelation, or a verse that just stands out in a new way based off of my present circumstances, I love processing these lessons through my writing.

But, throughout this time, there have been seasons, however, where I became more focused on how eloquent my blogs were sounding rather than whether or not I was truly learning the lessons. I wanted the way I wrote the blogs to impress readers, and did not really let the truth of the topic take root in my heart. I had a friend recently remind me that it was more important to make sure that what I was learning was being sown in my own heart first before sowing deeply into others' hearts. When truth does its work in me, then the power of it will have greater impact in the way I share it. I spent weeks wrestling with this reminder and praying the Lord would do this work in my heart.

I saw a picture of a very large and glowing seed, which represented the Gospel truth, the salvation I had received, and the treasure of Jesus Himself. I took this seed and cherished it; cupping it in my hands; admiring its brightness. I couldn’t wait to show others the beauty of my seed. It was so special to me, and I just wanted to show it off. But, because I only had one seed, I couldn’t give it away. I could only allow others to look at it from a distance. And, while they may have been impressed, they couldn’t really experience its beauty in tangible or life-changing ways. It was clearly the Lord was showing me in this mental picture that because I only held the seed in my hands, I didn’t let it become what it was meant to become in my life. By cupping the seed in my hands, I was not allowing God to take it and plant it deeply in my heart, which would allow the seed to grow into a large tree producing fruit that contained many, many seeds that will multiply and bear fruit for others to benefit from.

I am a teacher at heart, and I cherish the challenge of figuring out unique ways to convey important lessons to others. But as a life-long student, I know very well from experience that the lessons that were taught to me were much more impactful if the teacher shared a personal story that confirmed the lessons in his/her own life.

When we are being transformed by truth, we can rise and be confident that God will not only grow His seed in our hearts, but that He will bring divine impact in and through our lives.

Your Fellow Able Mom,

Celeste Claborn

Lord, do your work in my life. Let me not be so quick to share or show that I limit your sowing process. Let me be your fertile soil, that you may cause your people to rise as oaks of righteousness in order to build your kingdom.

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