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Why I Never Watched The Chosen


Maybe three weeks ago, my eight-year-old and I had time for a "date". This has become a regular practice in our home as more kids have been added to the mix. We always want every child to feel they've had intimate time with just Mom or just Dad.

I have never really been a fan of the Chosen for no other reason than it was hard to make time to sit and watch a program. All our friends raved about the show and I always felt ill equipped to join in the conversation. I appreciated all they got out of it, but it wasn't enough to carve out time in my jam-packed schedule.

Since The Chosen isn't a staple in our home, I found it funny that my son would want to attend the season that has recently been released in theaters. Since the Able Moms team has been discussing it like crazy, it was a no-brainer to honor my son's request.

Why have I not made time for this until now?

Life changed.

Mic drop.

Beginning with the cinematic overview of the behind-the-scenes drone shots of the sets, I was captured. So much detail, investment, and wisdom has been poured into every element of this production.

My son and I laughed, I teared up, and overall, I am a new life-long fan. As an author, I appreciate good stories and the screens that make them come to life. As the greatest book ever written, The Chosen, its cast, team, and producers have done an unparalleled job at bringing the humanity of the Bible to us in a way that makes you feel you can step into the pages. Next to a trip to the Holy Land, another bucket list item that might make for a future "date night", The Chosen is the closest experience to an unrivaled look at Jesus' life.

Don't miss out like I did.

Click above for the trailer and details.

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