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Hindered Yet Unstoppable

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

“I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you” – Hebrews 13:5 (MSG)

Motherhood is a gift. Precious life takes residence in our womb; exhausting nights; tearful eyes; an ache in our hearts to be seen; precious mama, God sees you.

Motherhood was a daily reminder of the lack of nurture, protection and comfort in my broken relationship with the one who birthed me into this world, and my heart bled profusely from wounds of childhood trauma.

The broken tapes I had heard all my life from Mom waged war inside of me—I wasn’t good enough, I was too emotional, I was too dark skinned, I was damaged goods… I didn’t deserve marriage, parenting, or a future.

This left me feeling like my purpose, worth, and confidence had been reduced to ground zero.

The emotional giants of rejection, fear of abandonment, and isolation held me captive in my parenting, and I realized that I mothered from brokenness, simply mirroring my shattered childhood. Every mom wants to be a good mom, and our Heavenly Father can show us this, too.

As I parented my own children, the despair of my mother-wounds met God’s mother-heart, and that filled the void of maternal love that I desperately needed.

In His dying hour Jesus said, “It is finished,” and that included the mother-wounds of my past, my insecurities and the fear of motherhood. In experiencing this deep relationship with a God who loves with the unconditional, sacrificial love of a father, I recognized He also provided the fierce protection and tenderness of a mother. I bared my soul to one who took all my indignities to the cross spreading His wings like the mother hen, to gather all of me under His grace and redemption. The cross of Christ was sufficient to bear my wounds and help me release my hurts into His mercy river—letting go to live again—to become who I was really meant to be—an image bearer of God in my motherhood. We can only give what we have received, and God met me in my deepest places of desperation.

I embraced motherhood as an invitation to heal my wounds—a sacred space to experience God’s maternal heartbeat for me.

Through the healing power of God’s faithful, protective, fierce and compassionate love, my identity and confidence we're restored.

Are you paralyzed by fear, lack of worth or loss of purpose in the chaos of mothering?

Friend hear me. God sees you and His relationship is enough to equip you for motherhood no matter what your past holds. Put behind what hinders and mend your heart in a deeper relationship with the God of the Universe.

Dear God, help me anchor myself to your promises. You know my lack in motherhood and meet me. I was designed to bear your image and in You; I find the ability to mother well.

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