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He Sees Me

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The eyes of the Lord are upon even the weakest worshipers who love him— those who wait in hope and expectation for the strong, steady love of God. -Psalm 33:18

When my daughter was little, she would ask me every night if I would keep my eyes open in my own bed to watch her through the monitor as she went to sleep. She found so much comfort in knowing that even if she couldn’t see me, I could see her. Sometimes even when I got in bed, she would yell through the monitor and ask me if my eyes were open. I began to think about her thought process, wondering why it was such a comfort to her. I could understand her finding comfort in “seeing me,” but why did she feel at ease knowing that I could see her? And then I went back to when I was a little girl. I remember that sense of peace I had when my parents were watching me do just about anything. I even felt the love in their eyes. Now they didn’t have digital baby monitors back then, but I still remember the comfort I found when I knew they could see me.

Why is there such peace, comfort, and love in knowing that you are SEEN by someone you trust so much? I think the main reason is because that means they are not looking somewhere else. They are choosing to focus all attention on you at that moment. They are invested in all that you are and all that you’re doing, and that shows true care. This deliberate focus lets you know that, because they can see you, they will help take care of you. It puts your mind at ease, knowing that you are in good hands because you are in good sight.

If we know deep within our hearts that our God sees us entirely and for all eternity, then why do we not have the same peace and comfort that my daughter had, when she knew I was watching her? Do we think He looks away at times, or do we not trust in His ability to care for us? Either scenario could be feasible for our limited minds to believe, yet neither one is true. We might should take some lessons from the little children around us, in order to know how meaningful it is for God to fully see us. We might worry a little less if we trusted more in the faithfulness of His care and protection. Why would we ever trade peace and comfort for worry and fear?

Another reason we might forfeit this peace and comfort is because we are convinced that while God might can see us at all times, that He is probably not pleased with what He sees. Now that we are older, and “more mature” in our own minds, we are more aware of our sin. This is not a bad thing unless we identify ourselves by what we’ve done. God does not do this. Because of what Christ “did”, God has identified us as His forgiven, justified, and glorified children. If we refuse to believe this and stay in the shame of our sin, then we will try to hide from His eyes. We will try to do everything we can to make up for our wrongdoings to try to mask the way we appear to Him. It seems that the more we grow up, the further we can stray sometimes from the truth of how God sees us. We must return to our childlike faith and not let Satan blind us from the Father’s view.

God loves you, not because you’ve earned it but because you’re His! So take a minute and let His loving eyes penetrate to your very core, and recognize that from now until forever, He sees you, Beloved! You are SEEN by the God who sees everything. And He doesn’t just glance over from time to time. No, He can’t stop staring at you! Don’t run from His eyes, but let them draw you in.

This revelation should stir up such a confidence in us to rise up as the person that He made us to be. Let us walk in the steadfastness of “His” viewpoint. And let us not try to get “everyone else” to look at us, but know that God’s eyes are enough. We should not think that attracting attention from others adds any value to our lives. The only value given to us was when God looked our way and called us worthy. And as He looks at us, He enables us to look upon others with His eyes. We gain God’s perspective of others when we receive His perspective of us. The only attention we should be commanding of others is to point them to the face of Jesus Christ, to gaze deeply in His eyes, to be captivated by Him and changed by His view of them. He sees you, Child, all of you. And oh how He loves what He sees!

Your fellow Able Mom,

Celeste Claborn

Help me, Lord, to rest in the fact that You see me at all times. May I appreciate not just what I can see, but the fact that I am seen.

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