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Write or Speak. for Able Moms

Ready to submit your devo? 

4 ways you can share with AMI moms:

Quarterly Contributor
I'm all in! I'd like to write devos regularly for Able Moms.
Click here to see the Quarterly Contributor Guidelines.

Guest Contributor

I'd love to write for Able Moms, but only as I'm able throughout the year.
Click here to see the Guest Contributor Guidelines.

Curriculum Contributor

I would like to reach every Member of AMI meeting monthly with my writing. If my curriculum submission is chosen, I'm committed to attending Mom Comm in Jacksonville, FL, on April 26-27, 2024, in order to record an 8-10 min companion video teaching on my topic. Click here to see the Curriculum Contributor Guidelines.
*Please note the deadline for curriculum submissions is October 25, 2023.*
Join our Speakers
If you would like to be contacted to speak at Able Moms events, apply here. FYI, writing for Able Moms, even occasionally as a Guest (above), is the best way to be selected as it allows the AMI team to get to know you best. 
Join Speakers
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