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“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” 

James 1:12

Toddler: “More?” 

Mom: “Wait please” 

Toddler: tantrum

Toddler: “Eat eat” 

Mom: “Wait, it's hot. It needs to cool down first” 

Toddler: tantrum

Toddler: “Mommy up” 

Mom: “Okay, but I need you to take your shoes off first” 

Toddler: tantrum

Since becoming a mom, the one thing that grinds my gears is when I tell my daughter to “wait”, and she falls out and begins having a tantrum. You would think I told her “no”! All I said was wait. I proceed to try to explain to her that my wait means yes. She just has to have patience until I am able to give her what she has asked for. Well that goes through one ear and out the other. 

After she has calmed herself and received what she was asking for she is filled with joy and I get a huge, “Thank you!” After a year of experiencing these reactions from her it dawned on me. She is me! And I am God! This is exactly how I treat him. On a daily basis may I add. I go to my Father asking for many things and when I do not see a speedy turn around of my ask, I throw tantrums. How can I teach my child to be patient with me, and I am not even patient with my own Father. Moms, we are off to a great start. We are to ask for what we need and want but when we ask, we must BELIEVE and NOT doubt…those who doubt are like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by wind. (James 1:6) That sounds like a very great description of what a tantrum looks like… all over the place. 

All we want our children to do is trust that we will keep our word and give them what we have promised. God wants the same thing. It is important to remember during the waiting season  testing of your faith produces perseverance. Jame 1:4 says, “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything. I like to think of it this way. If you had two doors in front of you: 

Door 1: Ask God for what you want and complain when you don’t see results. Your complaining leads you to never receiving what you have asked for. 

Door 2: Ask God for what you want. Wait patiently for your results and during your waiting season praise him for all he has done and will continue to do. This leads to you receiving all that you have asked for plus some. 

Now mama, which door would you choose? I’m going with door 2. 

Your fellow Able Mom, 

Nkoya Kidd

Lord today we ask you for wisdom and thank you for generously giving to us without finding fault. We ask that you heal all impatient hearts and help us to lean on your word. We ask that you help us mimic you. That we are faithful to you as you are faithful to us. In Jesus name, amen. 


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