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Able Moms FAQ's

Why would you consider hosting?

Moms need you because her children need her. Statistically, mothers are the gateway to their children’s hearts and intensely impactful in shaping the next generation in seeking and finding their Savior. And, as major research groups considered moms to be the most “affected demographic” post pandemic, hosting an Able Moms intentionally speaks into this vital time in a woman’s life and gives her the support and community she craves.

Why does your Church need a local Able Moms Community?

The moment a woman brings another life into the world is also the time she is most inclined to consider her spiritual health and that of the life she was created to inherently feel responsible for. Her heart is both sensitive and ripe to first listen to the truth of the Gospel, and then grow in her faith, and engage in a local church body or ministry. Because of her needs as well as a mother’s unique influence in the life of her family, Able Moms International is the key to reaching moms in your church and community.

Why is Able Moms the ultimate solution to your mom-ministry needs?

The Able Moms Team collectively holds decades of ministry, education, and vocational experience both in leading and participating in women’s ministry. We identified weaknesses and strengths in existing mom ministries and developed Able Moms International using what worked and eliminated what didn’t. Today, the organization that exists as Able Moms International serves as a Biblically trustworthy brand; turnkey for Hosts and convenient for all moms to access the life-giving resources and communities that give her:

  • Practical, everyday insight to mother capable,

  • Christ-centered truth to develop her faith as unshakeable, and

  • Lastly, creative, age-appropriate discipleship activities that make her mentorship memorable.

Are you ready to host 

Being a mom is tough, signing up to host an Able Moms Community isn't.

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