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and gather moms at church, home, or over coffee.

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Kickoff with us this using the newest curriculum season; Identity Reclaimed, announced at Mom Comm 2024. Smart, timely and sharp...stay tuned for this great season of material which drops June 1st. 

While you can purchase today and get immediate access to all preparation materials, Gathering Guides + Videos are accessible every June 1st.

This season is 15 lessons + videos for moms to gather. 

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This Guide leads hope. The same hope that put Esther before the king, that confidently made David pull five stones, Jacob to leave, and Moses go before Pharoah - some of whose ancient stories you will hear, yet set to modern-day-mom struggles. None of us can see the road ahead. And, we are not meant to. But, we can put our confidence in the God of the future. A hope not seen, but trustworthy.

Hope Ignited is 15 lessons + videos for moms who desire to cling to promise. 

This Guide shares that Truth is not abstract or mysterious. Truth is a person, relatable, tangible, and relevant. You are meant to grasp truth so you can live most abundantly. That is Christ's desire - to know truth and keep it close. 

Truth Awaken is 15 lessons + videos for any moms feeling weary and in need of growing in the only relationship that can set her free.

This Guide unleashes faith in God's protection and provision. Proverbs 14:26, "Confidence and strength flood the hearts of the lovers of God who live in awe of Him, and their devotion provides their children with a place of shelter and security." Shelter. Security. What grand and peace-filled concepts to seek. Experience an awing rootedness in Christ, one you are able to share in relationship with your children. Here, you have the greatest influence in their lives.

Mom Fear.Less is 14 lessons + videos for moms who desire to live out their faith.

We mother together.

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