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Imagine walking into a room where you feel welcomed, you can trust your children are in good hands in quality childcare, and you can sit and relax while cultivating relationships with other moms; moms who understand exactly your season in life. The Able Moms Community is a unique and intentional one. Primarily hosted at church locations all over the world, and occasionally in homes, your two Coordinators, along with a small team of leaders and Mentor Moms, set the stage for a fun, inviting and purposeful time together. Each one and a half hour meeting, scheduled for the same day every two weeks, is designed to keep you connected to community while not overwhelming your schedule, freeing you up to plan playdates or moms night outs on off weeks. Designed to cultivate deep relationships, 5-8 other women prayerfully chosen to sit next to you all year at your designated table, probably have kids your age, maybe live in the same school district you do, or share the same interests with you. At each meeting, these are the women you eat breakfast alongside, listen and learn from speakers with, and share stories, laughter, and vulnerabilities with during the discussion time together. You grow alongside these women and miraculously, we hear every year, these once strangers  become your friends for a lifetime. You need community like this. You need Able Moms. 

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