AMI Opportunities

Write for Able Moms

As Believers, God has given every one of us stories to tell as He begins writing our narrative the day we meet Him. If you feel called to share with Able Moms everywhere, become an Able Moms Contributor. We want to give writers, those who desire to use the pen to share the Gospel and its wisdom, a platform. If you would like to be a Contributor, please first look over our guidelines here and then email us by clicking the pencil icon.

Volunteer for Able Moms

Able Moms International is always looking for great help. If you believe in the capable, unshakeable, and memorable mission, and believe you would be a good fit to volunteer or even be employed by Able Moms International, click the star icon.

Support Able Moms

Every year we hear the incredible testimonies of moms coming to know Jesus, growing in Him, or feeling like they can handle their divorce, unexpected pregnancy, or child with medical disabilities because of what we offer as they sit in those seats every gathering. This is what motivates our team. We could never supply this ministry's needs on mom or Host dues alone. In order to grow, serve best, and maintain our budget, we need donors like you. Please consider donating by clicking the '$' icon.

Collab with Able Moms

Able Moms everywhere join us for what we can offer them; the opportunity to mother how they were meant. Our organization knows we can do this best when we partner with others who share our same passion for equipping moms to be capable, unshakeable, and memorable. If you believe you have a resource or product that will benefit our moms, we ask you to contact us so we can prayerfully consider you as a Collaborator -- click the '+' icon. Able Moms strictly prohibits any direct solicitation of our moms, coordinators, or host churches as one of our core tenets is valuing our participants’ time and privacy.