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Mother and Daughter

Mentor Moms

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Capable + Unshakeable + Memorable

Be a Mentor Mom

Able Moms raise Able Kids when they are equipped to confidently mother as capable, unshakeable, and memorable. And, mentoring helps. You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar or a great grandmother to be a Mentor Mom. Instead, as a Mentor Mom for Able Moms, you have to be willing to share with younger moms your love for Jesus and what He has taught you throughout your years of motherhood.  At Able Moms, you offer perspective on womanhood, mothering, and relationships, based on your own life experiences and the Biblical principles you know you can trust. You will use our open discussion prompts and one-on-one relationships as a way to invest in moms who will welcome your advice.

You would be an exceptional Mentor Mom candidate if your children are older than twelve and you could commit to:

  • Attend Able Moms meetings — commit to regularly attend and participate (approximately twice a month) meetings for the entire year; typically September to May (depending on Host)

  • Moderate your table — encourage relationship, camaraderie, and uplifting talk alongside the Table Leader at your table. Divert gossip and complaining about kids and husbands by redeeming the conversation. 

  • Participate in Leadership Growth  — attend once every other month leadership meetings for training, support and fellowship. Be committed to a local church.

  • Engage — observe moms in your group and reach out when there is a need for love, a listening ear or a hug, pursue a deeper, more personal relationship with a mom in need. 


Babies need to be held, occasionally a shoulder needs to be cried on, and you and the Mentor Moms you volunteer alongside are a gift to that mom who needs it most.

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