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Not every church is able to host an Able Moms community, but we don't want moms to miss out. So, while Able Moms is primarily held at church locations, it can also take place in a home. Actually, some of our moms like the convenience, flexibility, and comfort a home environment offers.

For these moms, we offer all the same, phenomenal, Able Moms’ host materials and collaboration, but directly to Coordinators:

  • Ministry materials designed by a professional ministry team that are turn-key for leaders’ ease and camaraderie from one community to another

  • A staffed collaboration liaison who functions as a resource and support to churches and leaders

  • Able Moms videos that replace a leaders’ subjective burden to select on-site speakers every meeting

  • Tools that provide clear infrastructure, scheduling, and expectations

  • A moderated private, social platform

  • Scripted roles for on-site leaders that ensure the AM mission you support is not deviated from at the local level, while requiring little pastoral energy and oversight

  • Affordable $800 fee and immediate start-up with little effort


 Same Able Moms, different venue.

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