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Team Lead Roles

Able Moms International
Team Lead Roles
and Descriptions

​The following roles can be combined, added to, or shaped to best fit the needs of your individual Able Moms Community. Your Coordinator is your local leader and who you will contact for clarity. However, be sure to check the box on the bottom of our Registration Form below to let her know of your interest.

​1. Finance Lead 

  • Store all hard-copy local registration documents (see Local Registration document in ‘Coordinator Resources’) 

  • Ensure all members are registered online with Able Moms by also storing receipts

  • Collect all Team Leads’ estimated spending and prepare a budget for Coordinator’s review prior to the annual start date; i.e. cost of childcare workers, supplies, etc.

  • Schedule and oversee fundraisers

  • Communicate financial status at Team Lead meetings 

  • Collect dues, process deposits and check requests, and create expense reports according to Host Church and local AM procedure

  • Oversee Able Kids worker payroll 

  • Oversee and guide purchases and use of tax-exempt license

  • Be contact for scholarships for Able Moms

  • Attend AM meetings and one monthly Community Team Lead meeting

2Able Kids Lead

  • Budget estimated spending for supplies like crayons, scissors, glue, snacks

  • Review the Able Kids Curriculum and create an idea outline for your workers prior to start date

  • Obtain and store all childcare workers background checks prior to start date

  • Ensure all childcare is properly staffed for every meeting and has back-ups

  • Train workers and confirm timely work hours submission

  • Coordinate worker appreciation (a brunch, thank you notes, gifts)

  • Facilitate communication with workers

  • Perform final check of all Able Kids’ rooms after meetings

  • Work with mothers on concerns regarding childcare issues

  • Collect all Able Kids info from Financial Lead and maintain a database, produce nametags, make room assignments, sign-in sheets & keep attendance. 

  • Share the Able Kids announcement at every Able Moms gathering

  • After checking in all childcare workers, attend AM meetings and one monthly Community Team Lead  meeting

3. Publicity Lead

  • Budget marketing materials that will improve your community reach

  • Creatively think of ways to introduce your local Community to the area

  • Create resources that your moms can share in their places of influence; biz cards, postcards, social graphic memes, and then encourage your moms to do so 

  • Create a monthly newsletter and share this with the host church

  • Arrange quarterly missions projects with local ministries that Able Moms can participate in outside of scheduled gathering; donating to a homeless shelter or collecting and dropping off baby supplies to a pro-life clinic after a gathering

  • Attend AM meetings and one monthly Community Team Lead  meeting

4. Hospitality Lead

  • Budget estimated spending for supplies like plate, cups, napkins, coffee, and decor

  • Decorate within the theme of the year or holiday

  • Set-up and tear down serving table for members, offer to throw plates away, and oversee overall breakdown of other tables/materials post meetings

  • Greet members 

  • Assist with hospitality for special meetings (orientation, Mom Prom, retreats)

  • Attend AM meetings and one monthly Community Team Lead meeting

5. Discussion Group Lead

  • Oversee responsibilities of Table Leaders and Mentor Moms (Table Leader and Mentor Mom Defined: A designated “leader and mentor mom” at each table *see below)

  • Create table camaraderie; name each table, assign moms to a specific table and create individual name tags

  • Communicate year’s theme to TL/MM and make decor/centerpiece suggestions

  • Create a calendar of table duties on a rotating schedule (breakfast, set up, tear down, drinks, etc.) and see that each TL receives the calendar in the Annual Folder 

  • Send out TL reminders before meetings

  • Plan monthly playdates for Able Mom Members

  • Attend AM meetings and one monthly Community Team Lead meeting and address any issues TL and MM’s are having

6. Tech Lead

  • Oversee mics and any audio-visual equipment for meetings

  • Receive all videos planned for each AM meeting and ensure they are cued

  • Attend AM meetings and one monthly Community Team Lead meeting

7.  Prayer Partner (as many as you like)

  • These partners do not participate in Community Team Lead meetings. They take requests, are of upright character, and cover the Community and Host continually in prayer; before, during, and after each Able Moms season. 

8. Mentor Moms and Table Leaders (only one each per table)

  • One woman serves as “leader mom” at each table (and one mature mom is asked to work alongside her as a mentor)

  • Create centerpiece and decorate your themed table 

  • Maintain all decor and name tags at the conclusion of each meeting 

  • Follow and communicate duty schedule to each mom at your table throughout the year

  • Respond and communicate timely









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