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Become an Able Moms Host Church

Host an Able Moms Community at Your Church

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Capable + Unshakeable + Memorable

When we talk to moms, they share their need for Christ-like community, resources, and support. By inviting moms into an Able Moms community, you are essentially inviting them into church, the best place for them to find more of Christ and these offerings. And, three out of four pastors point to their moms group as a catalyst for their church growth. According to Barna Group, moms are also the drivers and providers of faith information in their homes (May, 2020 study). So, while Able Moms believes everyone in the family unit is crucial, our personal calling is to invest in mothers alongside you. 


At Able Moms, we provide a turn-key moms’ ministry where any leader or layperson can thrive using our leader tools, prepared resources, materials, and minute-by-minute meeting agendas.

We fully equip these volunteers to manage a community and grow in their own leadership. But, what makes our organization most unique is the collaborative spirit in which we offer your local church mutual accountability. When your church becomes an Able Moms Host, we specifically provide:

  • Ministry materials designed by a professional ministry team that is turn-key for leaders’ ease as well as consistency from one community to another

  • A staffed collaboration liaison who functions as a resource and support to churches and leaders

  • Able Moms videos that replace a leaders’ subjective burden to select on-site speakers every meeting

  • Tools that provide clear infrastructure, scheduling, and expectations for your local leader

  • A moderated private, social platform

  • Scripted roles for on-site leaders that ensure the Able Moms mission you support is not deviated from at the local level, while requiring little pastoral energy and oversight

All this is included for an affordable one-time annual fee of $1000

What excites me most about hosting an Able Moms in our church is knowing our women and children are being discipled well.

-Pastor Bobby Hardwick

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