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Confetti Girl

Everything you need to get started

Coordinators, we've got you covered. 

Here are all your Preparation Materials!

You can use two weeks or two months, but we are moms! We suggest preparing over a relaxed summer. 


1. Get Started

Coordinator Toolkit

Kick-Off Essentials Kit


2. Grab Your Team


Prayer Share Letter

Team Leads: Roles + Descriptions

Team Lead Applications 

Required for All Coordinators: Pastoral Reference Form

3. Able Kids: Planning Your Childcare

4. Tools: Promote Your Community

Able Moms Graphics

Social Graphic Memes

Promo Commercials

Local Registration Sample Template


Your First Gathering: Creating 2022-2023 Member Folders

Welcome Moms Before Gathering #1

Member Folder Checklist

Able Moms Mission

2022-2023 Able Moms Theme

10 Reasons Why Mom Comm Is Important 


2022-2033 Meeting Snapshots

Associate Bios

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